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Case of the Week

Totally missed but hoping to make up for it. Top right is a patient that presented with irreversible pulpitis associated with a crack. Bottom left is a patient who presented with a palatal abscess. Top and bottom right are final PA’s. Both will get final full coverage restorations

Case of the Week

  Who wore it better ? Great seeing old friends and colleagues at the #aae17. #neverstoplearning #neworleans #novasoutheastern #endodontist #endodontics Photo taken at: New Orleans, Louisiana View in Instagram ⇒ The post Case of the Week appeared first on Dr. Geoffrey Sas. The post Case…

The Benefits of CBCT Technology

  Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) has proven to be an essential tool for successful diagnosis, treatment planning, and postoperative monitoring for endodontic applications. With its accurate and high-quality 3-D representations of maxillofacial structures, CBCT technology offers tremendous improvements in diagnostic capabilities, eliminating surprises and…