Taking care of you as well as your kids teeth is essential as the health of one’s mouth impacts the body holistically. Studies show that if you brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss, and have regular dental check-ups, you can reduce your chances of having a tooth becoming infected. And, while taking good care of your teeth is, for the most part, relatively easy, sometimes we become neglectful of oral hygiene. Even those who are sure to take good care of their teeth may experience dental problems by way of cracked or chipped tooth, or even a find themselves with a dislodged tooth because of a sports related injury or unavoidable accident.

How Teeth Become Compromised

Whatever the reason may be, tooth-related complications do happen more frequently than most injuries associated with the body. Cavities can form from poor dental hygiene habits or simply because teeth have weakened with age; as we get older, gums pull away from the teeth, exposing the roots and leaving them more vulnerable to liquids and food with high levels of sugar.

Additionally, acid from bacteria can slowly and steadily destroy the enamel on the tooth which is the outer layer, the hard part of the tooth, leaving holes (cavities) in the tooth. The soft tissue is then exposed to bacteria and acid that rotten the soft tissue inside effecting the nerves causing you to experience levels of pain, necessitating a surgical intervention – whatever the issue and its causes may be, it’s useful to learn about root canal therapy and the benefits of seeing an endodontist; there are doubtlessly many reasons why one ought to see an endo specialist today.

Treatment For A Decaying Tooth

Some of us have tried to treat a decaying tooth in isolation of a trained professional, but these attempts never end well; it is, of course, necessary to see an expert to properly rid oneself of tooth decay. First, a dentist will take x-rays to determine if and where the cavity is located, and whether or not a root canal is necessary. If the tooth is infected, they will place you on antibiotics for a week and provide a prescription if needed for any pain you may be having. From there, you could be sent to an endo specialist who will undertake the procedure; they will numb your gums so the entire process is painless. Next, they will drill then they will begin to remove the infected tissue in the tooth and replace it with a filling. Sometimes, however, the tooth cannot is unsalvageable and an extraction must occur.

Chips And Cracks

Teeth damaged in this manner could cause pain that inhibits your everyday living. Discomfort from eating, or even inhaling cold air can result and thereby stifle most, if not all, activities. A chipped or cracked tooth can even effect your self-esteem and confidence if it is noticeably mangled.

Do not hesitate if you are in need of endodontic therapy; the sooner you get that taken care of, the sooner you will feel better and the sooner you will return to your normal quality of life without having to endure daily pain. Rather than lying helpless in wait, conduct the research needed to allow yourself to feel comfortable under the care of an endodontist as soon as possible; your smile will be gleaming in no time at all.

Author: Aisha Olson
Article originally appeared at: https://www.workingmother.com