It’s no secret that vast majority of Americans don’t look forward to a visit to the dentist. According to the American Association of Endodontists, a striking 80% of US adults experience dental fear or anxiety. On some levels, fear of the dentist is understandable because a checkup or a procedure involves poking and prodding around the mouth of a patient with an intimidating looking set of tools. At the same time, these procedures are designed to minimize pain or discomfort and can be completed without complication by dental professionals. Even the commonly dreaded root canal procedure is routinely performed without pain of any kind by a root canal dentist.

Dental fear is quite common, but it has an adverse effect on the general population. Between 5 to 8% of Americans avoid the dentist entirely due to their anxiety. This figure is striking when the high rate of periodontal disease is taken into consideration. According to the center for disease control, 2 out of every 3 Americans are currently living with some form of gum disease. Though gum disease might not seem like a particularly alarming health condition, it’s been linked to serious conditions like an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and lung disease. Even minor dental issues can develop into more costly and damaging conditions if left untreated. For that reason, it’s all the more important to maintain regular visits, and receive treatment from the dentist.

For many, these fears are not easy to overcome. Experienced dentists recognize this, and are able to provide a positive experience through professionalism and wealth of experience to put any patient discomfort to rest. In endodontics, an area of dentistry dedicated to the soft, inner tissue of the teeth called the pulp which contains the nerves and vessels, specialists must have the skill to expertly navigate these sensitive areas. A root canal is one of the most well-known endodontic procedures, but, despite its stigma, it can be performed without pain or discomfort with precession and expertise from a highly trained expert.

At Yorkhill Endodontics, we always take a patients anxieties into consideration and do our absolute best to work with our patients to work through, and clear up any anxieties before their scheduled procedure.

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