It might be a game-changer for people who hate mornings…

No, this isn’t an adult pacifier. It’s called the Amabrush, and it’s a fully automatic toothbrush that’s supposed to clean those pearly whites in a matter of seconds. Yup, you stick the brush in your mouth, do nothing, and 10 seconds later, you just brushed your teeth.

Currently on Kickstarter, it comes in three parts: an antibacterial silicone mouthpiece, a handle, and a toothpaste capsule. The mouthpiece looks like a mouthguard and has a removable handle that attaches via magnets. Because you can detach the handle, you can even use it for multiple brushes (everyone has their own mouthpiece, fortunately). Toothpaste goes through the battery-powered handle directly into the brush, and it then vibrates bristles set at the ideal 45-degree angle, just like you’re supposed to do on your own.

Even though it’s high tech compared to your regular brush, it looks like it’d be easy to travel with. The brand claims the handle’s internal battery lasts for up to 28 uses, and you can charge it wirelessly with the included charging pad or your smartphone charger. If you can get over how hilarious it looks in your mouth, the Amabrush could actually save you some time, too— especially during rushed mornings. Dentists recommend about two minutes of brushing twice a day, but with this nifty tool you only need 10 seconds according to the Amabrush folks, since it brushes your teeth all at once. Think of the guy you could become with those extra seconds every day. A surfer? A marathoner? An on-time employee? The options are limitless.

The brand recommends you replace the mouthpiece every six months, which is less frequently than you would any other brush. Starting at $90 and available in December, it’ll definitely set you back more than the free plastic toothbrush you probably swipe from your dentist. But if you’re thinking of springing for an electronic toothbrush, upgrading to one that does more in less time doesn’t seem like the worst idea.