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Patient Registration

Please register by completing our secure online Patient Registration Form. On your first visit we will have your completed form available for your signature. The security and privacy of your personal data is one of our primary concerns and we have taken every precaution to protect it.


    Date: Status: Prefix:

    Given Name:  

    Family Name:

    Address: Apt:
    City: Province: Postal Code:

    Date of Birth:

    Telephone Residence:

    Telephone Business: Ext.

    Occupation: Referred By:

    Person responsible for account:

    Dental Insurance: NoYes.

    Name of Insurance Company:

    Reason for today’s visit:

    Physician Name:

    In case of emergency please notify:
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    The following information is required by the dentist to assist in proper diagnosis and treatment. All information is confidential.

    1. Are you presently under the care of a physician? YesNo

    2. Have you ever been hospitalized? YesNo

    3. Do you have a heart or circulatory problem of any kind? YesNo

    4. Have you ever had rheumatic fever? YesNo

    5. Do you have any allergies? YesNo,

    6. Are you presently taking any kind of medication? YesNo

    7. Do you have bleeding problems? YesNo

    8. Are you pregnant? YesNo

    9. Have you ever had a reaction to any knd of medicine? YesNo ,

    10. Do you presently or have you ever had (Hold CTRL to make multiple selections):

    11. Have you ever had concussion? YesNo

    12. Have you ever fainted? YesNo

    13. have you ever had any illness not included above? YesNo

    14. have you ever had local anaesthetic? YesNo

    I, the undersigned certify the all of the above medical and dental information is true to my knowledge and I have not omitted any pertinent information.

    Patient (Parent, Guardian) Signature , Date:

    I, the undersigned, consent to the performing of dental and oral surgery procedures agree to be necessary or advisable, including the use of local unaesthetic as indicated, and I will assume responsibility for fees associated with these procedures.

    Parent (Guardian) Signature , Date:

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