Technology plays a crucial role in the success of any endodontic treatment. Thanks to modern technological advancements, endodontists continually improve their ability to provide comfortable, efficient, and pain-free care. The team at York Hill Endodontics uses the latest in cutting-edge technology to provide the best possible treatment to patients. What are some of the technologies that we use to achieve these positive results?

Continue reading to learn about three crucial tools that endodontists use!

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (or CBCT) is a 3D imaging tool initially introduced in the early 2000s that allows endodontists to evaluate your teeth. Patients taking a CBCT scan will be seated while an X-Ray arm rotates around their head. As a result, the machine can create a single 3D image by capturing 150-200 images from various angles. CBCT scans are quick, taking only 20 to 40 seconds.

Digital Radiography

Endodontic treatment requires multiple images to diagnose a patient properly. Some patients may feel reserved about taking numerous X-ray images. Fortunately, digital radiography allows endodontists to diagnose patients safely and effectively. This technology allows an approximate 80% reduction in radiation compared to traditional radiography methods.

Surgical Operating Microscope

Have you ever wondered how endodontists make such precision movements while operating on your tooth? Thanks to the surgical operating microscope, the field of endodontics has expanded to include micro-surgery endodontics. Surgical operating microscopes allow immense magnification and illumination. As a result, endodontists can perform precise maneuvers while treating infected teeth.

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