For professional and recreational athletes alike, it can be easy to sustain a sports-related tooth injury on the field. When you’re playing a sport that exposes your head to a lot of blunt force, it’s likely that a tooth injury will occur if you’re not keeping your head and mouth protected, either with a helmet, mouth guard, or other preventative armor. Whether you’re a younger player or a seasoned veteran, keeping your mouth protected while engaging in sports can help your teeth stay safe and healthy. Always be on the lookout for the following tooth injuries on and off the playing field.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

A chipped or broken tooth can result from something as simple as a forceful clamping down on the jaw or something as complex as a head injury. When your tooth is chipped or broken, you’ll likely start experiencing a dull or aching pain. When the pain starts up, don’t delay in setting up an appointment with your dentist. If you want to prevent broken teeth, take care of your mouth during games by using the appropriate headwear. Wearing a mouth guard can prevent players from biting down too hard on contact with another player. They also allow players to keep their tongue out of harm’s way during the game.

Cracked Teeth

A cracked tooth can be an extremely painful problem to encounter, especially in the middle of a game. Similar to a fractured root, a cracked tooth can be created by the introduction of sudden force onto one specific area of the mouth, creating more pressure than the tooth and root can handle. When a tooth cracks, you’ll most likely be aware of the problem instantly. A trip to the dentist will help you repair your cracked tooth by inserting filling or, in more serious cases, a cap.

Knocked Out Teeth

One of the most dreaded tooth injuries a player can experience is tooth avulsion, or a knocked-out tooth. While this is a rather common and even expected condition with younger players whose adult teeth have not fully grown in, when it happens to an adult a much more serious dental intervention is needed. In high-contact sports such as football, soccer, or wrestling, it can be easy to lose a tooth on the field, especially while playing games that don’t call for protective headgear. When a player experiences a knocked-out tooth, it’s important to see a dentist right away to prevent any further pain or injury to develop.

Seek Out Treatment

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