Have you been referred to an endodontist because you require root canal treatment (RCT) for an infected tooth? Or maybe you recently completed the treatment. We understand that patients may have many questions before undergoing the RCT. Our team at York Hill Endodontics will gladly explain each step, from diagnosis to post-treatment, so that you can feel the most comfortable.  Continue reading to learn more about how you can determine if your root canal treatment was successful. 

No More Pain

Your infected tooth will undoubtedly cause you discomfort. In fact, you probably visited your dentist because of the pain from your tooth. With that said, the most obvious sign that the root canal treatment was successful is that the infected tooth is no longer causing pain. Many patients may be afraid because of the misconception that RCT is inherently painful. However, remember that the purpose of the root canal treatment is to alleviate your pain – not to cause more pain! 

No Visible Signs of Infection

Swelling around the infected tooth is another common symptom that you may require RCT. Unfortunately, this means the affected area can also show redness, tenderness, or pus. After successful treatment, these symptoms should be gone or drastically reduced. 

Regular Functions Return

An infected tooth would undoubtedly cause pain when performing simple tasks such as biting or chewing food. Additionally, your tooth may be extremely sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. As a result, many patients will feel significant discomfort when trying to eat or drink regularly. After a successful root canal treatment, the infected tooth should return to normal, and you should be able to return to your eating habits.   

Confirmation from Your Endodontist

It is important to remember that patients may experience different symptoms and aftereffects of root canal treatment. Your endodontist will be able to confirm the success of the RCT through subsequent visits and X-Ray examinations. Open communication with your endodontist is the best way to determine if your treatment was successful. Don’t hesitate to contact your endodontist with any questions or concerns! 

Need a Root Canal Treatment in Toronto?

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