Sometimes, oral infections happen to the best of us. Don’t be ashamed, as many times these infections are out of your hands. Yes, they may have been caused by hygiene issues, but another likely cause is you’re susceptible to bad oral bacteria. Regardless of the reason that you’ve developed an infection, decayed tooth, or general pain, you should always consult a dentist or endodontist. If oral issues are left untreated, it’s likely they will turn into a larger and more complex problem. Instead of being embarrassed about the condition of your oral health, visit your local dentist or endodontist to address the issue and save you from more time, money, and pain in the long run. Leaving a tooth infection untreated, especially when a root canal is needed, can cause many issues. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Infection Can Spread

When you leave an infection untreated, it’s likely to spread. This happens when bacteria get in contact with other uninfected cells and turns them to an infected state. This could cause further implications in other parts of the body. For example, if the infection is located in the root of the tooth, it can spread to other teeth and to the jawbone. This would lead to an increase of pain.

The worst case of an infection spreading could occur if spread to the brain. If this occurs, it could lead to death. This means that just because you avoided treating your infection with a root canal, you could die. While that’s an extreme case, it’s possible and thus you should understand the severity behind untreated root canal.

Treatment Alleviates Pain

Root canals are procedures that remove the dental pulp in the root of the tooth. This pulp includes the nerves located in your damaged tooth. Nerves are what cause sensation in your body. If they are touched or triggered in some way, they send a signal to your brain to indicate pain.

Having a chipped or decayed tooth can expose these nerves leading to a lot of pain in that area of your mouth. By getting a root canal, you can remove these sensory feelings and avoid the pain. Since untreated root canal is what alleviate pain, treatment should not be avoided, if necessary, to soothe the oral cavity.

You Could Lose the Tooth with an Untreated Root Canal

When you have a damaged tooth, it’s likely that you’d rather save it than have it removed. When you have untreated root canal and leave your tooth unattended, this option may not be available to you anymore. If the damage becomes too extensive, your dentist or endodontist may need to remove the tooth completely.

Visiting the endodontist to have a root canal performed as soon as the issue is recognized could allow you to keep your natural tooth. This can save you money in the long run as well, as if the tooth was removed you may want a dental implant. Keep the aesthetic of your mouth without the pain by getting a root canal as soon as possible.

Get a Root Canal Today

While an untreated root canal may seem scary, avoiding treatment isn’t worth the headache that it’ll cause down the line. That’s because you can potentially be risking your life if the root infection gets bad enough.

Your fears are not worth your life being taken from you prematurely. For a root canal treatment in the Greater Toronto Area, contact York Hill Endodontics today!


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Author: Dr. Aaron McCann